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Faith Milestones

Baptism is a celebration of the way that God claims us, forever, in water and Word. We speak of dying and rising, washing away sin and rebirth, cleansing and renewal, and recognize God’s love and generosity which flow into and through our lives. Lutherans welcome people of all ages as children of God through baptism.

To schedule a baptism, contact the church office.


If you are an adult and have questions about baptism or would like to be baptized, please also be in touch.

At Lord of Life, the age of First Communion is a personal decision made in consultation with the Pastor. Many individuals choose 4th grade as an appropriate time for a child, while others may choose to learn at an older or younger age. All ages are encouraged to discover this meal of forgiveness and grace, because Christ welcomes all people to the table. For information on preparation for First Communion, see First Communion Preparation.

To help families fulfill their baptismal promise, Lord of Life provides a three-year Confirmation journey. This time of learning and seeking prepares the student to participate in the Affirmation of Baptism Rite offered each May. Focusing on the spiritual formation of the whole person, we utilize a variety of teaching modes to stimulate and engage the learner, while allowing parents and mentors into those years.

Major components of Confirmation include fellowship, retreats, small group mentoring sessions, active learning sessions, reflection on the Scriptures and Luther’s Small Catechism, service projects and worship. Everyone is welcome to participate in any aspect of the program, even if they are not committed to the entire program.

During our activities, we focus on building healthy and meaningful relationships while having fun. Our goal is to grow in our relationship with God and with each other.  Friends are always welcome and encouraged to participate. For a detailed schedule of this year's activities, see the Confirmation Highlights page.


GregMarisaWedding 0270aMarriage is a gift of God. A wedding celebration is an opportunity for a community to surround a couple as they commit their lives to one another. In the presence of God, we gather in worship to publicly witness the promises made, listen to the word of God, and offer prayers on behalf of the couple and the world.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church offers an ideal setting for an intimate wedding with options both inside and outside.

Premarital counseling with the pastor is required as part of the journey to the wedding day.

To schedule a wedding, please contact

Pastor Lowell Michelson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Funerals are occasions to gather in mutual support, mourn the recently deceased, celebrate their life, and commend them into God’s eternal care. Trusting in God’s promise in baptism that we are claimed by Christ forever, we rest in the sure hope of the resurrection.

We encourage making your wishes known to your loved ones by pre-planning your funeral. If you would like a resource to aid you in this process, you can view the Funeral Planning Guide here.

To make funeral arrangements or to have conversation about your Funeral Planning Guide, please contact Pastor Lowell Michelson through the church office or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.