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Web It Up Wednesdays

Web it up?  What does that mean????

Great question!!!  Our new mid-week activities are nothing like you've seen before!!

Everyone… all ages, big, small, tall, short, gray-haired, newborn, boy or girl… all are invited to build a web of faith on Wednesday evenings.  We will start with dinner from 6-6:30pm (free will offerings accepted) then a short campfire-like worship moment with Pastor Lowell, followed by activities that may include outdoor family fun, homework assistance or tutoring, games, Christian study or discussion groups, and ministry or service opportunities.  Each ministry area will be sponsoring one or more Wednesdays throughout the year as a way for all ages in our congregation to get to know each other and build a faith web.  

Wait!  There it is again… what’s a faith web???

A faith web is built from relationships with people who have influenced us and our spiritual walk.  Who in your childhood helped to develop your faith?  Was it a Sunday School teacher? A Vacation Bible School volunteer?  Maybe it was participating in a choir?  Maybe it was a friend’s parent or grandparent?  All of us know of other people whose faith we can admire and who have helped us grow in our relationship with God.  These individuals are part of your own faith web.

We will be webbing it up at Lord of Life on Wednesdays.  We will be forming new relationships and strengthening old relationships with members of our church family.  We will have opportunities to share interests and learn new skills.  We will have time to learn together, older generations learning from younger generations and the younger learning from the older.  We will serve the Lord together, each growing in their faith, each learning from another.

Becoming a disciple of Christ is a life-long adventure.  Come and share the adventure with your church family and fellow web-builders!!

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